Agile Workshops

Agile leadership workshops - 3 different level workshops using Agile principles to create change. Agile Leadership, Agile Project management wins and TTM improvement using Agile principles

Agile Leadership practices

For management groups that are looking to elevate their Agile practice to a higher level and adopt the behaviors of true Agile organization. Many development teams already practice Agile in different shapes, but not many elevate it to become a true nimble organization. In this workshop we will focus on how to adopt Agile Leadership principles

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Agile Project Management wins

For your program and project managers, an effective and concrete workshop focuses on how to make wins in projects using Agile project management principles. The focus will be the difference between Agile development and Agile project management. What does Agile project management mean, what are the benefits and wins, and how to practice it

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TTM Improvement using Agile principles

For IT management groups, that need to focus on TTM and TTV improvement specifically. The challenges and mission critical processes in your organization will be reviewed, discussed and tackled using Agile principles and thinking. The outcome will be a concrete plan of action to start improving your TTM immediately.

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Annual Management Retrospective

An end/beginning of year management workshop that invites management team members to pause for a short while, process their highs and lows of last year, and form team resolutions for the coming year. This is a very well known Agile meeting that encourages continuous improvement, and a great chance for management teams to experience it as well.

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