Agile Project Management wins

Agile Project Management wins

For your program and project managers, an effective and concrete workshop focuses on how to make wins in projects using Agile project management principles.

The Agile PM differentiators vs. traditional methods will be reviewed and discussed, so that a solid understanding of the pro’s, con’s and how to use what will be achieved.

Common challenges like TTM and TTV, visibility to progress, flexibility and more will be easier to manage after opening your teams to these methodologies and ideas.

The main items on our agenda will be:

  • Agile principles in project/program management
  • The life cycle of Agile project
  • Agile PM tools and processes to use
  • How to implement Agile PM in cross country/cross TZ and RM projects
  • Do’s/Don’ts
  • Summary  - Winning with Agile PM