Annual Management Retrospective

Annual Management Retrospective

An end/beginning of year workshop that invites management team members to pause for a short while, process the highs and lows of last year, and together define the focus and goals for the coming year.

A very good chance to summarize and ensure we learn from our successes and failures , define the challenges and opportunities and have joint goals and resolutions toward the coming year.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Opening – What is Agile annual retrospective and how it is practiced
  • Teaser
  • Retrospective session
  • Summary

Detailed Agenda:





30 Min

A short opening describing what is Agile Annual Retrospective, what is the goal of the session, and how it is facilitated.

Teaser/Team Energizer

15 Min

A short game to stimulate and create energy

Retrospective session

60-90 Min

Using Agile retrospective methods, we will have a session in which participants are invited to reflect back on the ending year and reach insights and resolutions for the coming one.

We will gather those insights, discuss them, and finally prioritize them as a group using retrospective tools.

The outcome will be the joint list of focus items and resolutions for the coming year.

Summary and toast

15-30 Min

Reviewing takeaways while having a toast for the new Israeli year


  • A better understanding of the group’s strength and the challenges ahead.
  • A list of priorities goals for focus in the coming year.
  • A joint mission for the coming year.