Management Team building

Management Team building

Management Team Building 

Location  & Duration: 

Will be coordinated with you

Purpose of workshop:

Building a solid common ground for the management team to lead a joint vision together and leverage each other to create a powerful impact of leadership.

Your team will better understand the power of an aligned management group, and how much they can achieve together. They will also agree and decide on what they need to achieve together.


Combination of sessions, team workshop and group work, and fun.

Main activities:

  • Discussing vision and leadership styles
  • Building the mission statement of the group together
  • Building a plan for the mission implementation
  • How a team is formed? what is the secret of a good team? How to empower each other and balance self-focus and group focus
  • The importance of a vision and a mission statement
  • Leadership styles
  • Forming our joint vision and mission statement
  • Forming Values
  • Our plan for implementations
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