Development Manager Course - Excellence&Success in Development

Development Manager Course - Excellence&Success in Development

Global Development managers course

8 occurrences of training & coaching  

Target Audience: 

Development managers in most cases are excellent developers who were promoted to a management role. Whether it is the first one or they spent already few years in the role, they usually find themselves in a totally new arena without the right knowledge and tools to become management. They have to learn it all as they go along.

This training course will save a lot of trial and error and a lot of agony. It will give the development manager the knowledge, tools and skills that he/she needs to lead development teams, it will increase the awareness to the role aspects that are not trivial and finally, it will give managers the opportunity to work on their specific personal qualities in 1:1 coaching session.

Development managers will much better succeed in their role after having the awareness , knowledge tools and practice that are so relevant for their complex day to day.


  • Background of software development 
  • Background of leading team/s

Main subjects on the syllabus:

  • Development management - Methodologies and tools:
    • Knowledge of modern and innovative development methodologies 
    • DEVOPS Aspects – processes and tools for manager use
    • Development lifecycle - good planning, tracking and problem solving
  • Development culture: 
    • Development management culture in Elite units
    • Development management culture in start up  - good and bad
    • How to build the right developers’ culture for my organization
  • Customer management:
    • How to increase business value in development
    • Communication with customers
    • Conflicts with customers
  • Architecture aspects:
    • What is the development manager role in this aspect?
    • How to review architecture?
    • Latest trends of technology and Architecture
  • Soft skills aspects:
    • Leadership styles
    • Team building
    • Motivation and empowerment
    • Matrix management
    • Remote management
    • Conflict management
  • Coaching:
    • Expectations from development managers – balance between technical/business/leadership
    • Personal coaching

Unique value!

  • 360-degree profound coverage of development manager role
  • Personal coaching by an inspiring authorized management coacher
  • Practical training including group discussion and exercises, Case studies analysis
  • Guest stars – “Ex” 8200 managers to share unit’s unique development management culture or a CEO of a young exciting start up.
  • Emphasize of global aspects – remote management, culture differences

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