Pro Edge PM 2020

Pro Edge PM 2020

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 A unique training for IT, development and project managers that is designed for your professional and personal development.

The business and tech worlds  rapidly change and bring new concepts, methodologies and technologies that are everywhere around us. As reality is challenging enough as it is, it is very difficult to keep up. On the  other hand  this knowledge and understanding of the new world is critical for your professionalism and career. 

In this course you will find everything you need to know to master and be on the edge of the new technological management world :

  • The new business world

  • Innovative Project Management

  • New development methodologies

  • Managing with DEVOPS

  • Innovation management

  • Marketing and Digital

  • AI and Data Analytics

  • Technology and architecture trends

  • and more...!

The sessions are frontal in an innovative Hitech center on the afternoons, .once a week for 8 occurrences

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