Project Managers - Credentials

Project Managers -  Credentials

Global Project managers – Coaching & Course

 Target Audience and scope: 

Many project managers, even years into their role, feel that they have to work harder than anybody else in the project to make it happen,

Many feel they still don’t know how to create the right team engagement, and if they don’t run after things, the project will not progress.

Indeed, the project manager role, far beyond the methodology is the most challenging role in the organization, and still, many organizations and many project managers satisfy with learning the methodology. While methodology indeed is the first step, it is the easiest one. To excel in project management there are many other skills and tools to learn and master. The goal of this training is to focus on those and to align –the knowledge, expectations, tools and skills of the project manager, so he/she can create the right dynamic in the project, and perform their role at their best.

Methodology will be reviewed, but only briefly, to set a common ground. Most of the time will be spent on – what to expect from teams, how to change behaviors, how to engage to the project, how to perform excellent governance, how to really manage risks , conflicts management, and how to ensure business value delivery.

The result of this course should be a confident and powerful project manager who controls the project and engaging teams effectively to it.


  • Familiarity of project management methodology (can be achieved with our online methodology webinars)
  • At least 1-2 years’ experience of project management

Main subjects on the syllabus:

  • Project Management Methodologies:
    • PMI methodology
    • Agile projects
    • Planning and tracking
    • Governance methods and processes
  • Teams engagement against all odds
    • Creating the right team for project success
    • Creating sense of urgency
    • Engagement and commitment to the project
    • From people who work together to a performing team
    • Communication – what, how, how much
    • Connecting teams to business needs
    • Giving a sense of meaningful contribution
    • Practical - Meetings to run, Ceremonies and how to make them engage
    • Escalations – when, how
    • The matrix
  • Customer management:
    • Creating Business focus and Business value
    • Scope Management
    • Customer relationship
    • Conflicts with customers
  • Budget management
    • Planning, tracking, reporting
  • Soft skills aspects:
    • Prioritization
    • Decision making
    • Motivation
    • Keeping the rhythm
    • Conflict management
  • Coaching ( 2 occurrences) :
    • Creating commitment with no authority
    • Conflict management

Unique value!

  • Focus on the day to day challenges of the project manager role
  • Personal coaching by a project management coacher
  • Practical training including group discussion and exercises, Case studies analysis
  • Guest stars – Success and failure stories.
  • Emphasize of global aspects – remote management, culture differences , time zone difference, etc.

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