GlobaLeadPro - Global leadership and management practices, program management, project management and people management services.

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Our vision at GlobaLeadPro is the new and open organization that is built around empowered individuals.

An Organization that is driven by a collective vision, encourages innovation and creativity, implement fast, open and agile processes and communication and enables leaders, teams and individuals.

Our purpose is to support organizations in management practices and services, in digital transformations and in the tech era in general. We work with companies and organizations on how to move forward and implement new principles of management. Such principles that create a robust operational process on one hand, but keep it fast and nimble on the other hand.

Our Services:
People -Project management and IT experts as a service, training, workshops
Processes - Design and implement clear, simple, effective processes
Projects - Maximize the business value of your projects delivery

Sharon Kedem-Shanny, CEO and Founder,  is a well known Global IT leader and consultant. Sharon held senior VP positions as a management member in leading tech companies and personally led cross country development and delivery organizations of more than 800 people running projects and programs in advanced methodologies  and processes. As a consultant , Sharon helps many organizations to better prepare for growth, streamline processes, experience success in projects,  and better achieve goals.