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GlobaLeadPro - Global leadership and management practices, program management, project management and people management practices.

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Our vision at GlobaLeadPro is the new and open organization that is built around empowered individuals.

An Organization that is driven by a collective vision, encourages innovation and creativity, implement fast, open and agile processes and communication and enables leaders, teams and individuals.

Our purpose is to support managers and organizations in the tech era to move forward and implement new principles of management. Such principles that create a robust development organization on one hand, but keep it fast and nimble on the other hand.

Our Services:
People - Embrace and elevate your talent (Online training, personal coaching and more)
Processes - Design and implement clear, simple, effective processes
Projects - Maximize the business value of your projects delivery

Sharon Kedem-Shanny, CEO and Founder,  is a well known Global IT leader and consultant. Sharon held senior VP positions at Amdocs and personally led cross country development and delivery organizations of more than 800 people running projects and programs in advanced methodologies  and processes. As a consultant , Sharon helps many organizations  better prepare for growth and better achieve goals.

Our Services

Our vision in GlobaLeadPro is to enable the open organization. Leading and supporting organizations in the process of becoming open and nimble, based on joint purpose and empowerment. We are doing that by - Shaping managers, shaping processes and supporting projects to transform from old ways to the modern management concepts and methodologies.


Unleash your best leaders! Leadership and project management training and workshops for all levels of managers, focusing on – Methodology (including Agile principles and business value focused project management), remote management, matrix management, and more.

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Help your teams shine! Identify process challenges and implement simplification and improvements to streamline your global processes and help your teams perform at their best. Variety of flavors - Global structure, Development processes, Agile, TTM and more…

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Support challenging programs and projects • A Complete Project Improvement plan – results guaranteed! • Augmenting your PM team, bringing our unique methodology and our unique pool of exceptional program and project managers. • Conduct health checks and improvement plans for high risk programs

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Managers Training

Training for Managers - Development managers , Program managers, Project managers

Professional PM 2020 - Online Project Management Training

Full and comprehensive Project Management training focusing on project management in the tech industry and software project management, bringing the latest and most innovative project management practice.,

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Product PRO - Product Management Online Training

Full and comprehensive Product Management training. From the initial idealization, to a complete product in the tech ERA. How to become the best product manager and shine in this desired role.....

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Online Training - Complementary

New! Online training for managers , now open for your use! Available now - Agile Project management wins - part 1 and part 2 Always wanted to better understand Agile Project Management, These 10 and 20 minutes training videos are the perfect start!

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Program Managers

Comprehensive training for the global program manager. A combination of program management methodologies, governance, risk management and conflict management together with advanced coaching for challenging situations.

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Project Workshops

Project management workshops - two different wonderful workshops for groups of managers who want to better understand and practice project management

Project Management Workshop

The basics of project management! For managers who are looking to get familiar with project management methodologies, processes and practices and become more effective in the day to day!

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Agile Project Management

For your program and project managers, an effective and concrete workshop focuses on how to make wins in projects using Agile project management principles. The focus will be the difference between Agile development and Agile project management. What does Agile project management mean, what are the benefits and wins, and how to practice it

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  •  09/02/2021 10:11 AM

New- Project Management 2021-2022 Calendar for the new Jewish year !

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  •  06/03/2021 06:35 AM

Digital transformations are everywhere! In this blog we will review what is the impact on management practices and how to manage digital transformations successfully.

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  •  12/02/2020 12:00 PM

If you are a Project Manager or a professional working in a project, you must be updated on the trends. Here, in this blog, we will discuss 5 Project management trends emerging in 2021.

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  •  11/25/2020 12:14 PM

A common challenge in project management is the shortage and/or absence of key resources. Sometimes, up to the point that the project is likely to fail. How should project managers manage these situations?

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  •  10/29/2020 02:04 PM

This interesting and inspiring webinar describes the product manager role, it's importance, and what are the success factors of great products

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  •  10/18/2020 11:07 AM

Zoom, Pango and waze continue to innovate and launch new exciting features that delight their customers. How do they do it?

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  •  09/02/2020 09:17 AM

The book “Inspired – how to develop tech products customers love” (by Marty Cagan) is full of insights into the reasons products and product companies succeed or fail. One of the interesting analyses in the book refers to the question – why companies lose their ability to innovate at scale (spoiler – when they open innovation centers, it is a red alert).

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  •  07/22/2020 02:05 PM

Does MVP (Minimum Viable Product) really impact the success of the product/project?

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  •  06/09/2020 04:09 PM

Per the project management state report for 2020, 57% of the organizations work in "hybrid" project management approach...

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  •  05/01/2020 09:34 AM

we are entering the second phase of handling and managing coronavirus crisis, a phase in which we will experience a new reality and will have to learn how to manage it. This is the time to start thinking and preparing your strategy to manage this new routine....

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  •  03/15/2020 11:04 AM

In uncertainty and crisis situations one may not be able to be as proactive, but can be quick to respond and change course often enough...

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  •  02/19/2020 10:51 AM

What are the top five modern delivery principles for managers in today's world to adopt?

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Open Positions

Senior Sales Executive - Kfar Saba, Israel - 546551

Senior Sales Executive - Managed Services who has experience in selling managed services - Infrastructure Management and Application Management to financial intuitions at the CXO level.
  • Proven ability to drive large complex sales pursuits to successful closure
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a business development/direct sales or large deal capture role selling IT managed services or consulting contracts to C-level customers, with a required focus being within the financial services industry
  • Proven ability to develop and maintain effective internal and external business relationships
  • Sales experience for Professional Services – Project Scoping, pricing, bid management, risk assessment, customer discovery, requirements gathering
  • Must possess sales acumen and persuasion skills for internal/external communication and presentations with superior negotiation, written and verbal communication skills
  • Results-oriented self-starter approach with the ability to work independently – including writing proposals and presentation decks - as well as the ability to work collaboratively with solutions and delivery teams
  • Self-Starter, impact player with proactive and aggressive attributes
  • BA/BS or equivalent strongly preferred
  • Ability to perform business travel post pandemic
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Senior scoping/project manager - Givatayim, Israel - 543553

Senior scoping/project manager - able to lead technology teams to end to end coverage of the business need, able to connect teams and create overall scope for project.
  • Proven ability to drive large scope discussions to successful closure
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in project management or system analyst/architect roles within the financial services industry
  • Proven ability to develop and maintain effective internal and external relationships
  • Experience in – Project Scoping, technology and development projects, business process definition, requirements gathering
  • Must possess  persuasion skills for internal/external communication and presentations with peers, written and verbal communication skills
  • Results-oriented self-starter approach with the ability to work independently 
  • Self-Starter, impact player with proactive and aggressive attributes
  • BA/BS or equivalent strongly preferred
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Content Administrator for 3-4 months - Tel-Aviv - 543899

As the Content Administrator you will join the a long term digital transformation project for a global company, and you will be responsible to loading, and editing the content of the new site. 
  • 1-2 years of web content administration experience
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience with Microsoft SharPoint or similar content management system
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-motivation and ability to stay focused
  • Attention to details
  • Experience with office tools like PowerPoint, excel, word
  • Service oriented skills
  • Positive and "Can do" approach, possess the ability to solve problems creatively
  • Must be able to be flexible in work hours to adapt stakeholders in different time zones.
  • Business level English
  • Implement content (text, graphics, videos etc.) at the new platform
  • Responsible for coordinating the development, translation, and publishing the content on the new platform with the market activation teams
  • Quality assurance testing on published web content
  • Provide relevant training to the market activation team on content publishing process and governance
  • Incorporate user experience UX principles into web content, navigation, and design.
  • Create content taxonomy and ensure all content is properly tagged for optimal search results
  • Proofread and edit page content including page design layout to ensure compliance with Teva brand and industry best practices.
  • Edit and manage content such as graphics, photography, video, and text to ensure it remains relevant, current and is consistent with Teva brand.
  • Participate in groups, workshops and committees related to content management and governance.
  • Perform additional related duties as assigned such as perform trainings, measuring performance of the platform, etc
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