18 Feb

All the efforts we manage have one critical factor attached to success - the ability to convey messages in an effective and preventive manner. 

In other words - 


This has always been true, except that in the contemporary world where in every management channel there are countless factors involved, who do not always physically sit together, and many times come from different "backgrounds" and different cultures, it is even more true and critical.

Communication is a key factor in management success.

In this episode, in which Noa Edelstein is a guest - a coach, facilitator of workshops and accompanying managers in personal development processes in organizations and companies, for more than 15 years, we will talk about -The importance and criticality of interpersonal communication in everything we do

Why is it more complicated than we would like

What are the different types of media, and what drives them

How better to communicate our messages so that they motivate the other party to action.

An episode that will illuminate many of the situations you experience every day in a new light, and will give you a lot of food for thought and practice.

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