16 Jun

Inspiration for management - everything about management in the new world! 

A podcast for managers, from the first management position to advanced management positions in all sectors, deals with a wide range of management topics with an emphasis on the new world, in order to inspire you to manage better!

The management role is a complex role that requires a combination of many abilities, knowledge, and tools. "Inspiration for Management" gives the platform to develop these abilities, bring issues to awareness, open points for thought and help you navigate better in the sea of daily dilemmas on the job.  

I'm Sharon Kedem-Shani, and my passion is management. I come from a long background of various management positions, starting from the position of team leader, to VP positions, and currently own a company for consulting and project management and technology management services.

When I was at the beginning of my first management positions, and also in more senior management positions, I often felt the need to get tools, to consult, to learn more.

In the podcast Inspiration for Management - I aim to give all managers who need this guidance and inspiration the opportunity to receive useful mentoring, hear, share and be part of a supportive community.

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