21 Aug

Hi dear listeners,

The third chapter of "Inspiration for Management" deals with a subject that is so fundamental to the new world, so much so that it is impossible to talk about management in the new world without referring to it.

This issue really determines the destinies of organizations and companies, as well as managers - because it determines the way of dealing with changes,

It can be defined as flexibility in management or what is called agility, which in Hebrew is "Zmishot" (agility and flexibility) and refers to everything that actually allows us both at the level of the organization/company and at the level of the manager/team to constantly adapt ourselves to the changes happening around us and even to take advantage of them to our advantage .

We will talk about..

o Some background on the current reality and why companies and organizations must make changes all the time

o What does it mean to be flexible and what examples of this are there today in the world and in Israel

o What it means to manage flexibly

o The daily challenges it brings and how to deal with them

I am joined in this chapter by a very old and dear colleague - Alon Linetzky, who has a rich and long background in technological management, and in leading the implementation of agile in organizations.

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These days, Alon is leading the implementation of organizational Agile in an innovative format at one of the largest banks in Israel and, among other things, he also talks about this experience and their special way of implementing change with the participation of the entire group.

And two comments Alon asked to add:

1. The two books mentioned in the conversation:1) "The starfish and the spider" ... Uri Brafman, Rod Backsrom2) "Forever we were built"...James Collins, 18 exemplary companies.

2. The VUCA PRIME model - researched and published by Robert Johansen, a senior member of the Institute for the Future.
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