13 Sep

In the fourth episode of "Inspiration for Management 

we deal with one of the biggest and most significant engines and generators of change in the new world - technology.

The new and innovative technologies sometimes gradually and sometimes all at once change the lives of all of us, and also greatly influence organizations, businesses and companies.

There are many angles related to management, technology, and the impact of technology on the new world. In this chapter we focus mainly on the question - who motivates whom? Where is technology taking today's businesses, organizations and managers, and how does it affect the power relations in the organization (mainly between the business people - those who are responsible for the business side, and the technology people)

We will talk about...

 The way in which technologies change businesses inside and out

• What possibilities does the technology open up for managers in the organization

• The many challenges it brings - including the tension created between business and technology

• What are the expectations of the business people from their information system managers, and their technology providers, and vice versa...

Joining me in this episode is one of the senior partners in Israel in the largest technological consulting company in the world - Deloitte - Eyal Goldberg,

Eyal accompanies many organizations in defining and implementing a technological strategy, and shares with us the challenges behind the scenes in this process,

And among other things also in a very interesting survey recently conducted by the Deloitte company that indicates large gaps between the perceptions of the management and the technology people on the above issues.
And at the end of the chapter - as usual, inspirational quotes, and points for thought...

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