25 Jul

In the second episode of "Inspiration for Management" I host Sima Dor Chai, a manager in human resources positions for more than 20 years, and together we dive into a very significant issue in management - feedback - or more precisely, how to give effective feedback?

The feedback mechanisms greatly influence the conduct, the atmosphere, the motivation, and most certainly the results in teams and organizations, and at the same time, even though it sometimes seems otherwise, this issue is challenging and not at all trivial.

How do you demonstrate to teams their contribution and their impact? How do you create an atmosphere of trust? How do you manage personal development processes?

We will talk about..

o How much feedback we as managers give to our employees affects (and on what)

o The relationship between feedback and motivationo Innovations of the New World

o Formal feedback versus informal feedback...

o Whose responsibility is it and what happens when there is no feedback?

o How to give effective feedback

o How to prepare for the more difficult conversations

o And how do you deal with challenges such as objections or lack of cooperation...

o and more and more...
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