Managers Training

Training for Managers - Development managers , Program managers, Project managers

Professional PM 2020 - Online Project Management Training

Full and comprehensive Project Management training focusing on project management in the tech industry and software project management, bringing the latest and most innovative project management practice.,

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Pro Edge PM 2020

A new concept of managers training focusing on your professional and personal development as a manager in the tech era and a rapidly changing world.

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Online Training - Complementary

New! Online training for managers , now open for your use! Available now - Agile Project management wins - part 1 and part 2 Always wanted to better understand Agile Project Management, These 10 and 20 minutes training videos are the perfect start!

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Project Managers - Credentials

Project Management at it's best - All of the needed tools for project managers to perform above expectations. Methodologies, Governance tools, Reporting and Dashboards, with a combination of coaching for conflict management and matrix management. Learn how to enjoy this beautiful role !

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Development Manager Course - Excellence&Success in Development

Course and coaching for development managers with emphasize on how to create excellence in development and how to ensure success. The difference in the empowerment, job satisfaction and development projects results will be visible ! Combination of elite units culture, development management methodology, team building, soft skills and leadership, with personal coaching. Must for development managers who are looking for better tools for success..

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Program Managers

Comprehensive training for the global program manager. A combination of program management methodologies, governance, risk management and conflict management together with advanced coaching for challenging situations.

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