Program Managers

Global Program managers course

Target Audience and scope: 

Program manager is a unique role. It requires the unique ability of a strategic holistic view and at the same time a deep understanding of details. It also requires, by definition, multi-tasking, and a lot of it, understanding of many different professions to the level of being able to lead them (development, testing, PMO, migration, and many more), uncompromised governance capabilities, decisiveness, conflict management skills, and this is only a partial list.

This training is designed to give program managers (new or veterans to the role) the knowledge, tools and skill set they need to control the rhythm of the program, to succeed in their role, and to enjoy it.

So which training can help?

First, learning and understanding the program streams. Good understanding of timeline challenges, nature of activities, techniques and common risks, is the must.

Then, of course, Governance. Good hold of different governance methods and tools, new and old for programs at different sizes and shapes.

Also, a unique governance is needed for specific program streams since they are by definition at higher risk and can be the make or break of the program – Scoping, Development, migration for example. Knowing these specifics is crucial as it allows the Program manager to better control, challenge and lead the program.

Last but not least - Soft skills, in the case of program managers there are few that should be always worked on, no matter how known they are – prioritization, conflict management, teams motivation, and more.



  • Background of program management or project management   
  • Understand of project management methodology

Main subjects on the syllabus:

  • Program management streams:
    • Global program structure and role
    • Streams drill down
    • Common risks
    • Governance methods and processes
    • Stakeholders
  • Program Reporting
    • Determine the rhythm of the program
    • Routines
    • Reports
    • Creating transparency to stakeholders
    • Engaging executives
    • Steering meetings reporting
  • Customer management:
    • Creating Business focus and Business value
    • Scope Management
    • Conflicts with customers
  • Streams at risk and specific governance models
  • Creativity in program management – how to ensure high energy continues
  • Soft skills aspects:
    • Prioritization
    • Decision making
    • Motivation
    • Conflict management
  • Coaching:
    • Each program managers chooses which aspects he/she would like to focus on in personal coaching meetings

Unique value!

  • 360-degree profound coverage of Program manager role
  • Personal coaching by a senior management coacher
  • Practical training including group discussion and exercises, Case studies analysis
  • Guest stars – Success and failure stories.
  • Emphasize of global aspects – remote management, culture differences , time zone difference, etc.

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