21 Sep
12 habits of most effective project managers

Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner (how much I love this holiday!)
And like every year, this year too we have an original calendar for you,
Designed and special on project management!

This year we expanded our calendar project to a special project where we asked the senior managers and CEOs with whom we work,
What in their opinion and experience makes project managers more effective.
We "compiled" the answers to
12 habits of leading project managers,
Habit one each month, in our calendar!

The story behind this question is interesting and a bit funny.
And it starts about three months ago,
When I was called to a meeting with one of the clients
who told me that recently he came to a very significant insight
Regarding success in projects.

All successful projects, he told me,
They are projects where the project manager is a high performer.
Moreover, if I transfer a strong project manager to a project that is bragging,
Very quickly the project gets back on track.

I smiled when he told me that,
Because despite me personally it was always clear that the project manager is usually the
Make or break the project,
It is very difficult to measure it.
And many times organizations look for the answer in other places.
After I asked like this what people think around,
I found that actually... it's totally consensus
that the the number 1 factor for the success of the project
is the project manager who manages it.

Because proactivity, creativity, communication for example,
They are features that make it possible to overcome problems much more quickly and easily,
And when they are not there, it is more difficult to move forward in the face of challenges.

Attached is the designed calendar,
With the 12 most important traits to develop as effective managers,
It is recommended to print on A3 in color,

And have a happy and sweet new year everyone!!!


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