19 May

In 1997-8, "Google" was born and more or less with it, the members of Generation Z (born between 1997-2012) also began.

There is no need to describe the technological revolution that the world has undergone since then, the Internet and the availability of information, social networks, globalization, all these and more have shaped this generation that grew up differently from those before it.

How does all this affect the world of work and the managers?

Today, when members of the Z generation are already about 25% of the world's workforce, we can safely say - very influential.

Shirit Dolev, is a consultant for Young , develops programs to empower young people in front of the authorities (we'll talk about it and what it means),

Lecturer specializing in Generation Z and multi-generational dynamics.

Content creator and EdTech startup founder. 

Shirit, who works with organizations on these issues every day, will help us understand:

What are the effects of Generation Z members on the world of work?

What challenges do they bring with them to their organizations? to their managers?

What environment is best to create in the organization to accommodate them and empower them?

And on the other hand, what should the young people who join the world of work understand about it? 

All this and more in this interesting episode, which gives perspectives to understand the processes that go through the world of work,

And illustrates what a fascinating future awaits us 😊





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