07 Nov
Project Management at time of crisis and war

In recent weeks, I have received many inquiries and questions about the challenges that managers are experiencing now,

and above all,

How can you continue to meet the goals/projects, given the situation.

So first of all it is important to understand a key point.

Meet goals/projects does not necessarily mean completing all the tasks and/or all the planned deliverables.

As we always say when it comes to project management in today's world -The key to success is understanding the goals,

and the ability to identify the tasks that will bring the most expected value.

100% scope, it's not a realistic goal,

not in normal times, and certainly not in times of crisis.

So after we figured that out, 

What remains for us is to understand - what is it that we can do,

And what is the most important thing to focus on now, to achieve the most value and goals,

How do you do that?

In a short video tutorial, I detail the steps to get there,

and the important points in management in general during this period,

and project management in particular.

You are welcome to watch,

and if there are questions, please contact us on any channel.



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