05 Jun

Positive psychology is a well-known and very popular field in recent years.

It brings perspectives and tools that can improve life and make it happier.

But what does it bring to the management world?

According to Dr. Dina Nir, one of the pioneers and the first to bring this field to Israel, and as someone who from then to this day continues to develop and research management tools and processes for its application, the tools that positive psychology gives managers are many, and significant, to the extent that it can help managers and managers to become positive and inspiring leaders and lead their organizations and teams to growth.

In this amazing episode, which inspired me a lot to implement these ideas myself, we talk about:

• How positive psychology contributes to our happiness and personal development

• What does she have to contribute to the world of work and management

• What it is to be positive and inspiring leaders

• Applied tools that every manager can apply (and why you should...)

• What is feedforward and how is it different from feedback

•     more and more...

You are invited to listen and maybe get the "vibe" that will bring a lot of good to your day-to-day life, to your teams and to life in general.❤

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