Project Management Workshop

Project management is something most of us do in our professional life very often to some extent.  

But usually, there comes a time in the organization life when the “intuitive” project management is simply not enough anymore, and more robust methodologies and processes are needed to be successful.

When this is the case - this workshop is a good place to start with!  

We will teach you the best practices, methodologies, practices and processes you must know to manage projects right and do so effectively.

We will review a variety of project management methodologies – starting with the traditional methods and all the way to the most current ones.

We will practice the good processes of project management, and how to manage project successfully.

Participants will get an incredibly good understand of project management, how to manage projects more effectively and how to be more successful with projects.

Main topics:

What is project management?

Project management methodologies


Agile concept

Agile methodologies

Project planning

Project control

How you measure success?

How you create value?


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