13 Mar

The field of customer success has greatly developed in recent years and significantly increased the focus of business organizations - on maximum value for the customer.

If we used to say "the customer is always right" but at the same time we also strive to manage the customer's expectations and restrain them to a certain extent, 

today we look at the customer as a full and critical partner to our success as a business organization, and strive to be smart, and from the beginning make sure that the customer receives the most value from our product or service .

But like everything in management, and in life in general, it doesn't always happen by itself. It needs to be managed.

How do you do that?

In this episode, with the participation of Ilona Gochman - Global Director of Customer Success at Qmarkets, we will break down this important topic from start to finish. 

We will discover the beauty of this concept and why it really changes the face of organizations, how it is implemented, what the challenges are, and more.

We will talk about:

• What is the customer's concept of success• 

When and why it developed• 

What does this mean in the field?• 

How can it be measured• 

And most importantly - how do we really give maximum value to our customers

An episode that will make you remember why you do what you do,

And...fall in love with your customers all over again 😊

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