End to end service - 100% projects improvement in 100 days:

Unique program for projects improvement. Focuses on increasing business value , meeting project timeline and budget and high team satisfaction and turnover project management reality in organizations by –

  • Implementing unique, simple and effective governance method
  • Training and coaching for project managers
  • Analyzing TTM issues and bottle necks
  • Implementing required process changes
  • Implementing appropriate project methodology
  • Tracking and adjusting plans on-going until results are shown.

Guaranteed change in project results and teams satisfaction.   

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Additional services:

  • Unique project management methodology – PIPE (Predictive Innovative Project Experience)
  • Unique program management tool kit
  • Global program managers – to augment your team, and/or support you team on program peaks
  • Global Project managers - to augment your team, and/or support you team on project peaks
  • Program/Project Health check – Detailed score card describing program health and major risks
  • Program/Project improvement plan
  • Go to green planning
  • Exceeding Business KPIs plans