11 May
Are you a fair manager?

When we were little, we expected a fair world and shouted "It's not fair ... !!!" (When we thought it would help)

But the truth is, even in our mature and professional lives we expect fairness in many areas.

Management is one of them.

We all expect our managers and our workplace to treat us fairly,

and when this is not the case - it is very difficult for us to manage and move on.

Just as much, our teams, and our people, also expect fairness from us, and is critical to connectedness (employee satisfaction) and to our success as managers.

Nothing destroys engagement faster than a sense of lack of transparency, inconsistency or discrimination.

So what exactly is management fairness?

The dictionary definition is: "no discrimination against anyone, equal share, worthy decisions."

And so it is with management. 

Fair manager is one that sees the whole and not just its parts (or part of it), considers all aspects including the different sides, the good and the bad' and knows how to translate this into a proper, managerial decision, equal for everyone.

Few rules of thumb that can be adopted to make sure we implement fair and objective management:

1. Treat your employees the way you would like to be treated. If you did not like the way you were treated by a manager in the past, do your best not to act like them

.2. Lead by example - Apply to yourself the principles you demand of your teams, do not expect employees to do things that you yourself do not implement

.3. Ensure an equal division of tasks, according to capabilities

4. Be fully transparent to employees, do not hide information

5. Equal treatment for all, without preferred employees

The benefits of nurturing the reputation of a manager who handles people fairly and honestly cannot be easily measured. 

After all, there will always be those who are not satisfied, no matter how fair you try to be. 

But if you can look in the mirror every night and tell yourself that you were a fair and objective manager that day, you have succeeded.

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