27 Dec
5 Must know facts about leading change

With 2018 coming to an end, no doubt 2019 will continue to be a year of great changes and developments in the IT and software development industry.

Giving this reality, there are two options for most leaders:

  • To be a change leader
  • To remain “skeptic” and (by that) become a change resistant

When you look at it this way it is no brainier, right? Since change is here anyway it is to our advantage to learn how to embrace it and enjoy something better and new. After all, joining the party is always better and more rewarding than being the “party popper”.

Here are 4 more reasons to become a change leader:

  • New ideas are contagious and there is nothing like watching them come to life. It energizes, it opens new worlds and brings out better sides of people who do it.
  •  Leaders who embrace leading change get a whole new professional perspective and strengths their leadership, almost like wearing “change” glasses and seeing farther than others.
  • There is really no “impossible”. It is a choice of where to focus and focusing on the “possible” brings better personal growth.
  • Yes, it is hard sometimes and there are frustrating days mostly around resistance, persistence and unknown, but those are solvable challenges and every time someone gets an “I got it” look, it feels amazing.
  • There are three key success factors that are simple but often neglected. Remember those and create a better experience for you and your teams:
    • The “why” is far more important that the “what” and comes first. (If you have not watched it yet, watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk “People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UedER61oUy4

    • Flexibility = leadership, always remember the essence of the change and show flexibility and adaptability to different ways of doing it. People don’t relate to stubbornness.
    • Specifics are important – Leaders can’t stay only in the strategic level of the change, they must ensure that the strategy is translated to clear guidelines to minimize confusion and unknown and make people feel confident with the path to change.

To sum, a minute before 2018 ends, join the party of the changing world and bring your ideas to life. Enjoy a new year of growth, development and fulfillment.

Have a wonderful 2019,


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