18 Oct
What can be learned from Zoom, Pango, waze on real professionalism?

When I see real professionalism, it excites me!

And even more so management professionalism.

So many initiatives and ideas fail due to management issues

So, when one see inspiring management examples

It is exciting!

When it goes to product management

There’s almost nothing more important than deep knowledge of the customers and wanting to excite them again and again.

We build a profile of our target customer (persona)

And learn e v e r y t h i n g about them!

Innovation in the product comes from understanding the real pains of our customer and wanting to solve them in a way that delights the customer.

Take for example the relatively new Zoom feature -

Blocking background noise.

You are in an especially important conference

The kids that are at home due to lockdown are screaming in the background

The dog is barking

And it’s your turn to speak…


Not now. Now in Zoom you can block background noise, so no one hears rings, screams, dog barks, etc…

Only you, and no one else!

Besides the fact it is an exciting idea

It demonstrates how much Zoom teams understand us and our challenges

And how hard they work to make us happy!

There is no other was to explain the “touch up” feature

 That makes us more beautiful

As whom doesn’t want to be at his best on screen.

On similar lines – waze, although we love complaining about it, continues to think about us all the time.

Waze knows where we’re going even before we opened it. And updates us how long the drive is going to be.

Say you were not excited to find that out!

They also continue to upgrade the music support (supporting Amazon music in addition to Spotify that is already there) so we could play our favourite music while we drive.

And last but not least – Pango continues with new heights

Expanding the company vision

From Pango (Park and GO)

To Pago (Pay as you go)

They already support all the payments in the mobility world (including parking, toll roads, carwash, public transportation and what’s not…)

And their vision is to become the leading payment service above it

And help us pay easily everywhere we go

So… what do we learn from all of that???

Innovation and success come from vision driven leadership

That invests time and effort in really knowing their customers

And works hard to give them real value

As a result, continues to innovate again and again and delight their customers!

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