18 Nov
5 skills to lift PMs career by 2025

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With development of technologies and growing business competition, IT/Project managers must re-shape their career and capabilities for the next coming years.

Researches and articles talk much about the skills that PMs must master to be able to succeed now and into the future in the new world of work. Technical proficiency and fundamental management skills are not enough anymore to make you future ready. Here is a short summary of the top 5 skills to lift PMs career:

Emotional Intelligence

  •  Project managers are used to matrix management for years and it always required a certain amount of emotional intelligence but with generation changes, with business customers becoming more demanding and with the frequent changes in projects and environments, emotional intelligence becomes crucial. Project managers need to score exceptionally well in team management, interpersonal and soft skills, or even in building a strong relationship with the stakeholders. EQ is also a must for navigating well in complex unexpected situations (which are going to be very common) and creating the sustainable pace for project success – pressure vs. relief, planning vs. flexibility, control vs. empowerment.

Adaptive to Change 

  • Three dimensions of change that become day to day experience in the new world of work require managers to adapt:
    • Global changes – Technologies developments and disruptions and new methodologies.
    • Organization changes – The world is shifting and will continue to shift towards the new and open organization structures that is based on networks of teams, vision and empowerment.
    • Project changes – The fast-changing environment reflects on projects and often creates - requirements change, new circumstances and surprises.
    • Complexity requires adaptive leaders that can understand the essence of the change, respond fast, and harness the same in the team. Managers that cannot adapt to changes, will probably struggle and develop frustration which is never a good recipe for success. More on how to become more adaptive to change in the digital guide for 5 skills to make managers future ready.  )ttp://lp6.me/1BRB8(

Business agility

  •  Business environments have become characterized by what is termed VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Out of necessity, project-based work needs to become more strategic. Managers should be able to understand the strategic business goals, focus the teams around it and create a sense of urgency and focus on business value. With daily execution challenges it is easy to wonder off and lose focus. Only managers who know how to keep the attention on value on one hand and come up with creative ways to achieve it faster on the other hand, will be able to meet expectations.

Remote Team Management

  • As many managers work already with remote teams, most of the experienced managers know how to lead globally and keep focus, alignment and engagement, but new managers need to acquire those skills of seamless communication, creating confidence and creating engagement for remote teams. Managers should learn it in advance to be future ready when the next opportunity comes along and require these skills.

Using data analytics

  • Data and AI are already key in businesses and organizations and it is not going to be different with projects. Project Intelligence is already a growing need and refers to being able to use project data to make smart decisions and invest effort in the right places. With this trend growing, managers will have to be well-versed in several areas, including: identifying the optimal set project metrics and KPIs (and justifying these recommendations or decisions to relevant stakeholders); capturing data in real time; submitting data-driven updates and reports to required stakeholder groups; and leveraging actionable intelligence to make smarter, faster decisions.

The bottom line:

Project managers cannot rely on traditional skills to survive in the new world of work. To deal with changing circumstances and changing needs, they need to become change managers that are skilled to bring positive outcomes from any situation.

Be proactive and future ready and invest in acquiring these skills now. The future is coming fast.


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