22 Nov

Iron Swords, the first war in which women are an integral part of the front - changed the debate about integrating female fighters into the army. 

At the moment of truth they stormed, attacked, eliminated and rescued, and demonstrated the most impressive bravery and abilities.

Still, the journey to equal opportunities for women in the army is still long.

Through the inspiring story of Shir Peled, the first undercover woman, we will try to understand what this journey to women's combat roles entails, and what its effects are on them during and after.

We will talk about women in combat positions, about the special challenges of women in these positions, about the journey they have to go through to get there, and also about the heroism of women as reflected in this war.

In between we will also talk about the message to young women regarding their equal opportunities as it is reflected in the army, and the way this affects the career path and equal opportunities for women in general afterwards.

And also... a bit about the relationship between the skills that can be acquired in combat units in dealing with extreme situations and uncertainty and management positions in the new world.

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