13 Dec

The PMI (Project Management) conference, exactly one year ago,

I'm a little late for the lecture in the Grand Plenum because of traffic and parking issues,

And in a few moments I find myself completely captivated

to an unbelievable story.

We all come out shaken.

Ehud Gol's lecture on Rabin's murder was one of the best I've heard .

Ehud, field officer and former Shabac director,

standing and sketching in front of an audience of about 3000 people the events at the scene on the night of the murder,

from the point of view of several key people, and leaves the audience stunned.

The events he describes are unimaginable.

Some of them are influenced by wrong perceptions and work assumptions of the teams in the field. Conceptions.

When the magnitude of the omission in the events preceding the Iron Swords and the influence of the concepts began to be revealed, I immediately thought of Ehud's lecture and the shocking conclusions we came out of it.

We don't always know what we don't know.

The concepts, and the structure of thinking that have taken root in us, are assimilated so strongly that sometimes they are completely blinded.

To be less influenced by concepts, we need to consciously challenge ourselves.

So what happened there on the night of Rabin's murder and how did conceptions affect it?

What can be learned from this about the failures that preceded the iron swords?

How are the conspiracy and connection theories related to this?

And how as managers can we challenge concepts in our organizations and teams?

All this and more in our conversation in this fascinating episode.

Pleasant listening!




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