16 Jan

There is no manager who does not dream of the perfect team.

Most managers also invest quite a bit of time and energy in this.

But what really makes this or that team succeed compared to the other?

Google's research department took this question as the subject of a long and comprehensive study in which it searched for the exact algorithm for assembling a winning team. They studied 180 teams for 3 years, measured about 250 different parameters, interviewed the team managers and team members, and reached very interesting and surprising conclusions.

In this episode, Osnat Hazan - an organizational psychologist and a leading consultant for managers and executives - will tell us about the results of the research and the important conclusions.

So what will make certain teams succeed more than others?

How does the sense of security and openness of the people in the team affect this?

What does every manager need and can do to create in their teams the dynamics that make the team realize its potential?

About all this and more in this fascinating episode that will help you understand how to bring your teams to their peak.

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