27 Sep

Hi ,

In this episode, special in the spirit of the holidays, 

we will look at the world of work and the world of contemporary management from a special and interesting angle, 

which will help us see and also talk about things that we might otherwise not dare to talk about normally.

But through the songs of Gili Yuval, who is a guest in the episode, you can talk about everything 😊

The poems of Gili, a poet of the contemporary working world, give an entertaining, humorous, satirical, and very very accurate and enlightening look at the issues in the working world that we all experience on a daily basis but not really talk about.

Together, we walk through a number of charming songs that describe the world of contemporary management from different angles, and talk about the background to the song and what it was written about, the situations or phenomena it describes, and the insights that can be taken from it.

Among other things, we touched on topics such as - what is contemporary management, the feeling of loneliness that sometimes accompanies management positions, communication, difficult conversations, changes, motivation, and much more...

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fun is guaranteed!

Shana Tova!

PS - a particularly amusing surprise at the end of the episode

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