26 Oct

At 7-10 our world turned upside down.

We are heartbroken, and busy grieving, wishing, praying,

But along with all this, you also have to function, and this raises so many questions about leadership in general and leadership during a crisis in particular.

What do we expect from our leadership? 

Why are we so connected to President Biden's speech? 

And why do some of us feel a vacuum in leadership?

Together with Merav Hillel-Levan, an expert in leadership in the new world and organizational resilience, we will talk about the important elements of leadership in times of crisis and war,

at the national level,

and also in organizations and companies.

Merav met hundreds of managers in the last two weeks and through these meetings we will share

How did different organizations treat the situation, 

what are the gaps that bother the managers in the field,

and how is it possible to provide a good framework for powerful, sensitive, flexible and focused management in such a period.





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